There is a treasure trove of wisdom to be found in everyone's life story. However ordinary you think you are, there is an extraordinary tale waiting to be told - the story in your soul. Find out more in Beverley's ebook Dig for the Story in Your Soul. Click on the image to go to the Kindle store on Amazon.

Click on the image above to watch a video of Beverley talking about her time as a music journalist in Covent Garden in the 1980s, when she was a staff writer on Sounds. She talks about how the experience of digging beneath the public image of rock and pop stars has influenced how she helps her clients today.

Beverley was recently interviewed by Leda Sammarco for the insightful podcast series Inspirational Authors Revealed. Click on the link to listen in and find out more about the power of personal storytelling and the ideas behind Beverley's new book Dig for the Story in Your Soul - #StoryWisdom to help you author an authentic life